Sunday School Lesson 311 Gideon's Victory with 300 men

Lesson: 311
Lesson Name: Gideon's Victory
Theme: God's Power and Greatness

Reading: Judges 7:1-25

Memory Verse: Luke 18:27
Memory Verse Text: The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. 

Talking Points

Point 1: Gideon got an early start in the morning.  Application: God's business requires haste and complete obedience.
Point 2: God told Gideon that there were too many men; Israel may have thought that with so many men and a good leader they could have won the victory alone.  As a result, God called for those with courage to trust Him.  Those without courage were sent home, still leaving 10,000 men.
Point 3: Next, God tested the men to see which ones were alert to the enemy and to danger.  The men were brought down to the water for the test; it revealed that most were not vigilant.  God excluded the unvigilant men from fighting, leaving only 300 men.  There were only a few men, but God could do His work with a few trusting, obedient, and vigilant men.  Application: We need to be on guard against the attacks of the enemy.
Point 4: God laid out the battle plans; He knew Israel's enemy, just as He knows ours today.  The enemy's camels and men were without number; nevertheless, with trumpets, lamps, and a great shout that the sword the LORD and of Gideon with them, the enemy was put to confusion.  The enemy fought against themselves and killed each other!  God's ways were best and they worked to bring Him the glory, just as they still do today.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 310 Puzzle for GideonSunday School Lesson Activity 310 Puzzle for Gideon

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Puzzle to review the life and battles of Gideon the judge of Israel.  12 puzzle pieces have clues and answers written on their sides.  Students arrange the pieces to form a rectangle.  Use the clues provided or make your own version of the puzzle.

Sunday School Lesson Activity 311 Gideon's Victory with 300 menSunday School Lesson Activity 311 Gideon's Victory with 300 men

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This is the printable version of the clay jar that Gideon and his men used to defeat enemies of Israel.  The jar has pictures inscribed on the side to help you tell the story of the test by the dry and wet fleece, the sorting of the soldiers and the final victory over Midian.