Sunday School Lesson 228 Balaam - the rest of the story

Lesson: 228

Lesson Name: Balaam: The Rest of the Story
Theme: Sin Admitted, not always saved

Reading: Numbers 22:35-41; Numbers 23,24,25; Numbers 31:8

Memory Verse: Psalm 90:12
Memory Verse Text: Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Talking Points

Point 1: Even though Balaam admitted his sin in the previous lesson, that confession was not real.  God knew that his confession had not been real even if outwardly it might have seemed real.  Balaam did not behave himself in Moab according to Balak because he refused to curse Israel as he was instructed to do; God did not allow him to curse His people.
Point 2: Balaam spoke prophetically for God, yet no real change had taken place in his heart.  He, as an onlooker, saw what God had purposed for His people and even expressed a desire to have Israel's Blessings and to have his last end be like theirs.  This was a good desire if it proceeded from an honest heart.
Point 3: When the King of Moab was unsuccessful at cursing God's people, he resorted to causing the Lord's redeemed people to mix with the ungodly and partake in idolatry.  His plan worked so well that God judged it harshly.
Point 4: It is most interesting to see that the man who did not die by the sword in Num. 22, died by the sword in Num. 31, when it is  obvious that he was in the camp of the enemies.  Our God was/is so careful that everything was/is done righteously.

Notes: Balaam actually was made to speak to God's Glory in Numbers 23:19 as he was caused to reveal God's character and faithfulness.  Application: God can make the wicked praise Him.


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