Sunday School Lesson 225 Korah, Dathan Abiram Rebellion

Lesson: 225

Lesson Name: The Rebellion
Theme: Sin's Danger and Consequences

Reading: Numbers 16:1-40

Memory Verse: Hebrews 10:31
Memory Verse Text: It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living  God

Talking Points

Point 1: Korah, Dathan, Abiram, and others, all men of importance, influence, and power, rose up in opposition to the men (Moses and Aaron) whom God had given place and authority to.  Even though these men had been given Levite responsibility by the Lord, they wanted more place than they had been given.
Point 2: The scriptures are clear that their actions and words were "against the Lord" (Num. 16:11).  As a result, Korah and his company were told that there would be a reckoning "before the Lord... tomorrow" (Num. 16:16).
Point 3: The Glory of the Lord was manifested in the events that followed.  God called upon Moses and Aaron to get away from everyone else as He was ready to bring destruction upon them all.  As a result, they "fell upon their faces" and plead with God for mercy, who in turn, told them to instruct Israel to flee from the wicked men.  (Notice that a response was necessary in order to avoid perishing.)  After the declaration was made that God was about to act, the earth opened up and the wicked men promptly went down into the pit causing the Israelites to flee further in fear due to their cries.  Finally, the Lord sent fire to destroy the remaining 250 men that had offered incense.
Point 4: Some of the sons of Korah must have realized their danger in time to escape because there are precious things in the Psalms from them.

Notes: This story gives us an example of railing; speaking against those who have been given authority over us and have been established by God.  Examples include even those given authority in the Government or the Assembly.  Perhaps it would be wise if there were a number of older Christians in the class to make this distinction and press for respect.


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