Sunday School Lesson 120 Jacob and Esau - the blessing stolen

Lesson: 120

Lesson Name: Jacob and Esau: The Blessing
Theme: Opportunity: A Turning Point / Choices

Reading: Genesis 27:1-40

Memory Verse: Prov. 10:22
Memory Verse Text: The blessing of the Lord . . . maketh rich.

Talking Points:

Point 1: Isaac as old and blind physically is a picture of his failing spiritual perception.  The time was near that he would die; he wanted the blessing for Esau.
Point 2: Rebekah knew that Jacob valued the blessing, so a plan was developed to rob Esau of its benefit.
Point 3: Even though Jacob lied, cheated his brother, and deceived his father, the story shows that God's grace is bestowed on the most undeserving person because he longed for it.
Point 4: Make the class go to the Hebrews 12:17 to make a final comment regarding Esau's remorse and what God says about Esau's loss.

Notes: Make it clear that Jacob's lies and deceit were SIN.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 120 Jacob and Esau - the blessing stolen.pdfSunday School Lesson Activity 120 Jacob and Esau - the blessing stolen.pdf

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3d printable activity.  Print the scene to help teach the Bible story where Rebecka listens to Isaac giving the blessing to Jacob while Esau is out in the field hunting.


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This is a powerful object lesson to show that we need to put salvation first in our list of priorities.

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This group activity will teach your students the value of the soul according to Mark 8:36.  Print some money. Give it to your students. Present various items that they can bid on.  At the end of the activity is the opportunity to compare the value of the soul to any other thing that can be purchased or pursued in this world.