Sunday School Lesson 109 Tower of Babel Confusion of Tongues

Lesson: 109 Lesson Name: Tower of Babel
Theme: God's Power and Greatness / Sin's Blindness

Reading: Genesis 11:1-9

Memory Verse: 2 Chronicles 25:8
Memory Verse Text: God hath power to help and to cast down.

Lesson Talking Points:

Point 1: Settled down in the world, their ambition was to build themselves a name and to show forth their power.  Life was easier in the plains and was not so hard on the flesh.
Point 2: Even the building materials in the plains were different than they would have been in the hills and mountains: slime and mud rather than stone.
Point 3: The Lord saw it (Gen. 11:5), and due to their motive to exalt themselves, He did not come down to strengthen, but rather to destroy their plans and to leave behind them the evidence of their folly.
Point 4: God's ways are different than ours, but are so effective.  The LORD scattered them.  He still interferes in the lives of men lest they be allowed to pursue all their wicked imaginations (Gen. 11:6).


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