Sunday School Lesson 104 Cain and Abel

Lesson: 104 Lesson Name: Cain and Abel
Theme: Only One Way is Right

Reading: Genesis 4:1-17, 25-26

Memory Verse: Hebrews 11:4
Memory Verse Text: Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain.

Attention Getter: If you could visit the Prime Minister, President, Queen, etc., what would you bring, if you could, that they would want?

Talking Points

Point 1: Cain and Abel were raised in the same home.  They had heard the same stories; likely the story of Adam and Eve's sin was the story told most of all.  Perhaps it was a favorite because it was true and had a good ending.
Point 2: Both must have given thought about how they, as individuals, could come to God.  Have you?  Each of us has to come to God on our own!  No one else can do it for you.  When you come to God, you would probably think about what kind of a person you would be coming to.  How would they know what God was like?  From their parents!
Point 3: God respected Abel and what he brought.  Why?  God refused Cain and what he brought.  Why?  Yet God spoke to Cain even after he made his offering in self-will.
Point 4: The consequences of Cain's offering: Brought judgment on him. The outcome of Abel's: God accepted the offering for him and Abel went to be with his God.

Suggested Printable and Power Point Activities:

  1. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 001 Criminal Suspects in the Bible - Identify the bad guys in the Bible given complicated legal language.
  2. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 002 The Parable of the River - Cain is one example of many people in the Bible who try to get to God apart from Christ.  This illustrated story shows that only Jesus can save.
  3. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 003 Road Signs with a Spiritual Message - "The way of Cain" was contrary to the "one way" that God provided.  What traffic signs might God use to tell us about salvation?
  4. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 020 - Christ died for our sins - Presentation about Christ's sacrifice.  What did Jesus do that deserves your trust?
  5. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 061 - Differences Between Old Testament and New Testament - How does salvation in Abel's time compare to the salvation that a person knows in our age?
  6. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 084 The Impossibility of Good Works - Power Point - Cain's basket of fruit, just like Adam's handmade garment of fig leaves, represents the efforts we attempt to bring to God to buy salvation.  Why won't good works get someone closer to God?
  7. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 092 The Substitute He took my Whippin - A legendary story from the old school that shows the salvation in Christ's death.  Substitution seen in Abel's sacrifice is like the death of Christ for us.
  8. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 104 Cain and Abel Power Point 1
  9. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 104 Cain and Abel Worksheet

Summary: We can't go wrong if we go God's way!