Sunday School Lesson 103 The Consequences of Sin and the Fall

Lesson: 103
Lesson Name: Adam and Eve Sin - The Consequences of Sin
Theme: God Doesn't Forsake Fallen Man

Reading: Genesis 3:8-24

Memory Verse: Genesis 3:21
Memory Verse Text: The Lord made coats of skins and clothed them


Activity #1

A mini 8 page coloring book Sunday School Lesson Activity 102 Man was blessed by God - Mini Coloring Book Adam and Eve in Garden and full-page pictures telling the story of God placing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. God gave Adam the job of naming animals, but there was nobody suitable for him until God created Eve.

Activity #2

Meal, cookies to share, etc.  Make something together as a group or have individual students bring in something they have made.  Put the items on display or present briefly them in front of whole sunday school or another class. The point is that everything made has a designer and maker to fulfill a purpose. Sunday School Lesson Activity 057 - Useless Junk or Made with a Purpose?


Activity #3

What happened to our world? Creation was perfect, but something came in and ruined it all. See the Power Point

Sunday School Lesson Activity 101 - Creation Ruined by Sin Power Point


to help you teach about the consequences of sin. See also the related worksheet 


Sunday School Lesson Activity 101 - Creation Ruined by Sin Worksheet

Activity #4

Hide objects in six paper bags - one object for each day of creation. Use the suggested common household items pictured in this document or use the included clip art pictures. 

See the document Sunday School Lesson Activity 101 Creation Object Lesson for pre-made objects.


Activity #5

Although the story of Creation is a standard subject in Sunday school classes it is difficult to remember for students to remember what God created on each day. The following drawings will help show that in the first three days, God created space, water and land. In the second three days, God filled them.

Sunday School Lesson Activity 101 Creation Pictures


Activity #6

Set of puzzles about the creation. Sunday School Lesson Activity 101 The Creation - Puzzle Pack Crossword Wordfind Cryptogram


Activity #7

Jigsaw puzzle that uses terms and names from the story of the Garden of Eden.  Students match pieces together using clues written on the edge of each piece. Sunday School Lesson Activity 103 Puzzle in Eden


Activity #8

An 8-page mini coloring book and full page pictures telling the story of Adam and Eve taking the forbidden fruit and being expelled from the Garden of Eden. Sunday School Lesson Activity 103 The Consequences of Sin and the Fall - Mini Coloring Book Adam Eve


Activity #9

Puzzle pack of Crossword, Word Find, Cryptogram, Fallen Quotes and Word Scramble based on the story of the first sin in Genesis 3" rel="nofollow" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; color: #7ba428;">Genesis 3icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 103 The First Sin - Puzzle Pack Crossword Wordfind Cryptogram (709.79 kB)


Other Activities - Click here to see a list of hundreds of printable lessons, power points, quizzes, puzzles and models. 

Talking Points

Point 1: Adam and Eve were afraid, so they hid from God.

Point 2: God called, "Where art thou?"  Why?  God knew where they were already.  He called because He wanted them to know.

Point 3: What should Adam have said when God came near?... "I have sinned"  How did he answer when God asked him, "Hast thou eaten?"  How did Eve answer?  Why did they do that?  Sin has a bad effect on the mind and heart.  Did their excuses change anything?

Point 4: God made them coats of skins.  How did God get the skin?  God made a promise @ the Saviour (Gen. 3:15).  God put them out of the beautiful garden.

Notes: Note the effects of sin: fear, distance, tears and sorrow, increased childbirth, shortened lives, certain death, cursed ground, and sweat.