Bible Verses About Creation

    The formation of things which had no previous existence  Ro 4:17; Heb 11:3
      By God.  Ge 1:1; 2:4,5; Pr 26:10
      By Christ.  Joh 1:3,10; Col 1:16
      By the Holy Spirit.  Job 26:13; Ps 104:30
      By the command of God.  Ps 33:9; Heb 11:3
      In the beginning.  Ge 1:1; Mt 24:21
      In six normal days.  Ex 20:11; 31:17
      According to God's purpose.  Ps 135:6
      For God's pleasure.  Pr 16:4; Re 4:11
      For Christ.  Col 1:16
    By faith we believe, to be God's work  Heb 11:3
    Order of
      First day, making light and dividing it from darkness.  Ge 1:3-5; 2Co 4:6
      Second day, making the firmament or atmosphere, and separating the waters.  Ge 1:6-8
      Third day, separating the land from the water, and making it fruitful.  Ge 1:9-13
      Fourth day, placing the sun, moon, and stars to give light, &c.  Ge 1:14-19
      Fifth day, making birds, insects, and fishes.  Ge 1:20-23
      Sixth day, making beasts of the earth, and man.  Ge 1:24,28
    God rested from, on the seventh day  Ge 2:2,3
    Approved of by God  Ge 1:31
    A subject of joy to angels  Job 38:7
      The deity of God.  Ro 1:20
      The power of God.  Isa 40:26,28; Ro 1:20
      The glory and handiwork of God.  Ps 19:1
      The wisdom of God.  Ps 104:24; 136:5
      The goodness of God.  Ps 33:5
      God as the sole object of worship.  Isa 45:16,18; Ac 17:24,27
    Glorifies God  Ps 145:10; 148:5
    God to be praised for  Ne 9:6; Ps 146:5,6
    Leads to confidence  Ps 124:8; 146:5,6
    Insignificance of man seen from  Ps 8:3,4; Isa 40:12,17
    Groans because of sin  Ro 8:22
    Illustrative of
      The new birth.  2Co 5:17; Eph 2:10
      Daily renewal of saints.  Ps 51:10; Eph 4:24
      Renewal of the earth.  Isa 65:17; 2Pe 3:11,13