Bible Verses About Darkness

    Created by God  Ps 104:20; Isa 45:7
    Originally covered the earth  Ge 1:2
    Separated from the light  Ge 1:4
    Called night  Ge 1:5
    Caused by the setting of the sun  Ge 15:17; Joh 6:17
    Inexplicable nature of  Job 38:19,20
    Exhibits God's power and greatness  Job 38:8,9
    Degrees of, mentioned
      Great.  Ge 15:12
      That may be felt.  Ex 10:21
      Thick.  De 5:22; Joe 2:2
      Gross.  Jer 13:16
      Outer or extreme.  Mt 8:12
    Effects of
      Keeps us from seeing objects.  Ex 10:23
      Causes us to go astray.  Joh 12:35; 1Jo 2:11
      Causes us to stumble.  Isa 59:10
    Often put for night  Ps 91:6
    Called the swaddling band of the sea  Job 38:9
    Cannot hide us from God  Ps 139:11,12
    The wicked
      The children of.  1Th 5:5
      Live in.  Ps 107:10
      Walk in.  Ps 82:5
      Perpetuate their designs in.  Job 24:16
      Are full of.  Mt 6:23
      On mount Sinai.  Ex 19:16; Heb 12:18
      Over the land of Egypt.  Ex 10:21,22
      At the death of Christ.  Mt 27:45
      Before the destruction of Jerusalem.  Mt 24:29
    Illustrative of