Bible Verses About Eagle The

Eagle, The.
    A bird of prey  Job 9:26; Mt 24:28
    Unclean  Le 11:13; De 14:12
    Different kinds of  Le 11:13,18; Eze 17:3
    Called the eagle of the heavens  La 4:19
    Described as
      Long-sighted.  Job 39:29
      Swift.  2Sa 1:23
      Soaring to heaven.  Pr 23:5
    Strength of its feathers alluded to  Da 4:33
    Greatness of its wings alluded to  Eze 17:3,7
    Peculiarity of its flight alluded to  Pr 30:19
    Delights in the lofty cedars  Eze 17:3,4
    Dwells in the high rocks  Job 39:27,28
    Feeds her young with blood  Job 39:29,30
      Of wisdom and zeal of God's ministers.  Eze 1:10; Re 4:7
      Of great and powerful kings.  Eze 17:3; Ho 8:1
      (Renewed strength and beauty of,) of the renewal of saints.  Ps 103:5
      (Mode of teaching her young to fly,) of God's care of his church.  Ex 19:4; De 32:11
      (Wings of,) of protection afforded to the church.  Re 12:14
      (Upward flight of,) of the saint's rapid progress toward heaven.  Isa 40:31
      (Swiftness of,) of the melting away of riches.  Pr 23:5
      (Swiftness of,) of the swiftness of hostile armies.  De 28:49; Jer 4:13; 48:40; La 4:19
      (Height and security of its dwelling,) of the fancied but fatal security of the wicked.  Jer 49:16; Ob 1:4
      (Increase baldness of, in the moulting season,) of calamities.  Mic 1:16
      (Hasting to the prey,) of the swiftness of man's days.  Job 9:26
    Was the standard of the Roman armies  Mt 24:15,28