Bible Verses About Ear The

Ear, The.
    The organ of hearing  Job 13:1; 29:11
    Capable of trying and distinguishing words  Job 12:11
      Made.  Pr 20:12
      Planted.  Ps 94:9
      Opens.  Job 33:16; 36:10
      Judicially closed.  Isa 6:10; Mt 13:15
    Christ opens  Isa 35:5; 43:8,10
    Instruction received through  Isa 30:21
    That hears and receives the word of God, blessed  Ex 15:26; Mt 13:16
      Seek knowledge.  Pr 18:15
      Be bowed down to instructions.  Pr 5:1
      Be incline to wisdom.  Pr 2:2
      Be given to the law of God.  Isa 1:10
      Receive the word of God.  Jer 9:20
      Hear and obey reproof.  Pr 15:31; 25:12
    Not satisfied with earthly things  Ec 1:8
    Of the wicked
      Uncircumcised.  Jer 6:10; Ac 7:51
      Itching.  2Ti 4:3
      Not inclined to hear God.  Jer 7:24; 35:15
      Turned away from God's law.  Pr 28:9
      Stopped against God's word.  Ps 58:4; Zec 7:11
    Not to be stopped at cry of the poor  Pr 21:13
    Blood put on the right ear of
      Priests at consecration.  Ex 29:20; Le 8:23
      The healed leper in cleansing him.  Le 14:14
    Often adorned with rings  Eze 16:12; Ho 2:13
    Of servants who refused to leave their masters, bored to the door  Ex 21:6; De 15:17