Bible Verses About Fountains and Springs

Fountains and Springs.
    Created by God  Ps 74:15; 104:10
    God to be praised for  Re 14:7
    Come from the great deep  Ge 7:11; Job 38:16
    Found in hills and valleys  De 8:7; Ps 104:10
    Send forth each but one kind of water  Jas 3:11
      Drink to the beasts.  Ps 104:11
      Refreshment to the birds.  Ps 104:12
      Fruitfulness to the earth.  1Ki 18:5; Joe 3:18
    Frequented by travellers  Ge 16:7
    Abound in Canaan  De 8:7; 1Ki 18:5
    Sometimes dried up  Isa 58:11
    Drying up of, a severe punishment  Ps 107:33,34; Ho 13:15
    Constantly flowing
      Especially esteemed.  Isa 58:11
      Could not be ceremonially defiled.  Le 11:36
    Sometimes stopped or turned off to distress enemies  2Ch 32:3,4
    Mentioned in scripture
      In the way to Shur.  Ge 16:7
      Of the waters of Nephtoah.  Jos 15:9
      Of Jezreel.  1Sa 29:1
      Of Pisgah.  De 4:49
      Upper and nether springs.  Jos 15:19; Jdj 1:15
      Of God.  Ps 36:9; Jer 2:13; 17:13
      Of Christ.  Zec 13:1
      Of the Holy Spirit.  Joh 7:38,39
      Of constant supplies of grace.  Ps 87:7
      Of eternal life.  Joh 4:14; Re 21:6
      Of the means of grace.  Isa 41:18; Joe 3:18
      Of a good wife.  Pr 5:18
      Of a numerous posterity.  De 33:28
      Of spiritual wisdom.  Pr 16:22; 18:4
      Of the law of the wise.  Pr 13:14
      Of godly fear.  Pr 14:27
      (Sealed up,) of the church.  Song 4:12
      (Not failing,) of the church.  Isa 58:11
      (Always flowing,) of unceasing wickedness of the Jews.  Jer 6:7
      (Corrupt,) of the natural heart.  Jas 3:11; Mt 15:18,19
      (Troubled,) of saints led astray.  Pr 25:26