Bible Verses About Herbs

    Called the green herbs  2Ki 19:26
      Created.  Ge 1:11,12; 2:5
      Causes to grow.  Job 38:27; Ps 104:14
    Each kind of, contains its own seed  Ge 1:11,12
    Given as food to man  Ge 1:28,29; 9:3
    Found in Cultivated in gardens  De 11:10; 1Ki 21:2
    Cultivated for food  Pr 15:17; Heb 6:7
    Require rain dew  De 32:2; Job 38:26,27
    Mode of watering, alluded to  De 11:10
    Mentioned in scripture Bitter, used at passover  Ex 12:8; Nu 9:11
    Poisonous, not fit for man's use  2Ki 4:39,40
    Destroyed by
      Hail and lightning.  Ex 9:22-25
      Locusts, &c.  Ex 10:12,15; Ps 105:34,35
      Drought.  Isa 42:15
      Tithable among the Jews.  Lu 11:42
    Were sometimes used instead of animal food by weak saints  Ro 14:2
      Of the wicked.  2Ki 19:26; Ps 37:2
      (Dew on,) of grace given to saints.  Isa 18:4