Bible Verses About Holy Spirit the Personality Of

Holy Spirit, the Personality Of.
    He creates and gives life  Job 33:4
    He appoints and commissions ministers  Isa 48:16; Ac 13:2; 20:28
    He directs ministers where to preach  Ac 8:29; 10:19,20
    He directs ministers where not to preach  Ac 16:6,7
    He instructs ministers what to preach  1Co 2:13
    He spoke in, and by, the prophets  Ac 1:16; 1Pe 1:11,12; 2Pe 1:21
    He strives with sinners  Ge 6:3
    He reproves  Joh 16:8
    He comforts  Ac 9:31
    He helps our infirmities  Ro 8:26
    He teaches  Joh 14:26; 1Co 12:3
    He guides  Joh 16:13
    He sanctifies  Ro 15:16; 1Co 6:11
    He testifies of Christ  Joh 15:26
    He glorifies Christ  Joh 16:14
    He has a power of his own  Ro 15:13
    He searches all things  Ro 11:33,34; 1Co 2:10,11
    He works according to his own will  1Co 12:11
    He dwells with saints  Joh 14:17
    He can be grieved  Eph 4:30
    He can be vexed  Isa 63:10
    He can be resisted  Ac 7:51
    He can be tempted  Ac 5:9