Bible Verses About Life Natural

Life, Natural.
    God is the author of  Ge 2:7; Ac 17:28
    God preserves  Ps 36:6; 66:9
    Is in the hand of God  Job 12:10; Da 5:23
    Forfeited by sin  Ge 2:17; 3:17-19
    Of others, not to be taken away  Ex 20:13
    Described as God's loving-kindness better than  Ps 63:3
    The value of  Job 2:4; Mt 6:25
    Preserved by discretion  Pr 13:3
    Sometimes prolonged, in answer to prayer  Isa 38:2-5; Jas 5:15
    Obedience to God, tends to prolong  De 30:20
    Obedience to parents, tends to prolong  Ex 20:12; Pr 4:10
    Cares and pleasures of, dangerous  Lu 8:14; 21:34; 2Ti 2:4
    Saints have true enjoyment of  Ps 128:2; 1Ti 4:8
    Of saints, specially protected by God  Job 2:6; Ac 18:10; 1Pe 3:13
    Of the wicked, not specially protected by God  Job 36:6; Ps 78:50
    The wicked have their portion of good, during  Ps 17:14; Lu 6:24; 16:25
    Should be spent in
      The fear of God.  1Pe 1:17
      The service of God.  Lu 1:75
      Living to God.  Ro 14:8; Php 1:21
      Peace.  Ro 12:18; 1Ti 2:2
      Doing good.  Ec 3:12
    Should be taken all due care of  Mt 10:23; Ac 27:34
    Should be laid down, if necessary, for Christ  Mt 10:39; Lu 14:26; Ac 20:24
    Should be laid down, if necessary, for the brethren  Ro 16:4; 1Jo 3:16
    Be thankful for
      The preservation of.  Ps 103:4; Joh 2:6
      The supply of its wants.  Ge 48:15
    The dissatisfied despise  Ec 2:17
    We know not what is good for us in  Ec 6:12
    Be not over-anxious to provide for its wants  Mt 6:25
    The enjoyment of, consists not in abundance of possessions  Lu 12:15
    Is compared to
      An eagle hasting to the prey.  Job 9:26
      A pilgrimage.  Ge 47:9
      A tale told.  Ps 90:9
      A swift post.  Job 9:25
      A swift ship.  Job 9:26
      A hand-breadth.  Ps 39:5
      A shepherd's tent removed.  Isa 38:18
      A dream.  Ps 73:20
      A sleep.  Ps 90:5
      A vapour.  Jas 4:14
      A shadow.  Ec 6:12
      A thread cut by the weaver.  Isa 38:12
      A weaver's shuttle.  Job 7:6
      A flower.  Job 14:2
      Grass.  1Pe 1:24
      Water spilt on the ground.  2Sa 14:14
      Wind.  Job 7:7
    Shortness of, should lead to spiritual improvement  De 32:29; Ps 90:12
    Sometimes judicially shortened  1Sa 2:32,33; Job 36:14
    Miraculously restored by Christ  Mt 9:18,25; Lu 7:15,22; Joh 11:43