Bible Verses About Morning

    The second part of the day at the creation  Ge 1:5,8,13,19,23,31
    The first part of the natural day  Mr 16:2
    Ordained by God  Job 38:12
    Began with first dawn  Jos 6:15; Ps 119:147
    Continued until noon  1Ki 18:26; Ne 8:3
    First dawning of, called the eyelids of the morning  Job 3:9; 41:18
    The outgoings of, made to rejoice  Ps 65:8
    The Jews
      Generally rose early in.  Ge 28:18; Jdj 6:28
      Eat but little in.  Ec 10:16
      Went to the temple in.  Lu 21:38; Joh 8:2
      Offered a part of the daily sacrifice in.  Ex 29:38,39; Nu 28:4-7
      Devoted a part of, to prayer and praise.  Ps 5:3; 59:16; 88:13
      Gathered the manna in.  Ex 16:21
      Began their journeys in.  Ge 22:3
      Held courts of justice in.  Jer 21:12; Mt 27:1
      Contracted covenants in.  Ge 26:31
      Transacted business in.  Ec 11:6; Mt 20:1
    Was frequently cloudless  2Sa 23:4
    A red sky in, a sign of bad weather  Mt 16:3
    Ushered in by the morning star  Job 38:7
      Of the resurrection day.  Ps 49:14
      (Breaking forth,) of the glory of the church.  Song 6:10; Isa 58:8
      (Star of,) of the glory of Christ.  Re 22:16
      (Star of,) of reward of saints.  Re 2:28
      (Clouds in,) of the short lived profession of hypocrites.  Ho 6:4
      (Wings of,) of rapid movements.  Ps 139:9
      (Spread upon the mountains,) of heavy calamities.  Joe 2:2