Bible Verses About Sickness

    Sent by God  De 28:59-61; 32:39; 2Sa 12:15; Ac 12:23
    The devil sometimes permitted to inflict  Job 2:6,7; Lu 9:39; 13:16
    Often brought on by intemperance  Ho 7:5
    Often sent as a punishment of sin  Le 26:14-16; 2Ch 21:12-15; 1Co 11:30
    One of God's four sore judgments on a guilty land  Eze 14:19-21
      Promises to heal.  Ex 23:25; 2Ki 20:5
      Heals.  De 32:39; Ps 103:3; Isa 38:5,9
      Exhibits his mercy in healing.  Php 2:27
      Exhibits his power in healing.  Lu 5:17
      Exhibits his love in healing.  Isa 38:17
      Often manifests saving grace to sinners during.  Job 33:19-24; Ps 107:17-21
      Permits saints to be tried by.  Job 2:5,6
      Strengthens saints in.  Ps 41:3
      Comforts saints in.  Ps 41:3
      Hears the prayers of those in.  Ps 30:2; 107:18-20
      Preserves saints in time of.  Ps 91:3-7
      Abandons the wicked to.  Jer 34:17
      Persecutes the wicked by.  Jer 29:18
    Healing of, lawful on the Sabbath  Lu 13:14-16
    Christ compassionate those in  Isa 53:4; Mt 8:16,17
    Christ healed
      Being present.  Mr 1:31; Mt 4:23
      Not being present.  Mt 8:13
      By imposition of hands.  Mr 6:5; Lu 13:13
      With a touch.  Mt 8:3
      Through the touch of his garment.  Mt 14:35,36; Mr 5:27-34
      With a word.  Mt 8:8,13
    Faith required in those healed of, by Christ  Mt 9:28,29; Mr 5:34; 10:52
    Often incurable by human means  De 28:27; 2Ch 21:18
    The Apostles were endued with power to heal  Mt 10:1; Mr 16:18,20
    The power of healing
      One of the miraculous gifts bestowed on the early Church.  1Co 12:9,30; Jas 5:14,15
      Acknowledge that, comes from God.  Ps 31:1-8; Isa 38:12,15
      Are resigned under.  Job 2:10
      Mourn under, with prayer.  Isa 38:14
      Pray for recovery from.  Isa 38:2,3
      Ascribe recovery from, to God.  Isa 38:20
      Praise God for recovery from.  Ps 103:1-3; Isa 38:19; Lu 17:15
      Thank God publicly for recovery form.  Isa 38:20; Ac 3:8
      Feel for others in.  Ps 35:13
      Visit those in.  Mt 25:36
    Visiting those in, an evidence of belonging to Christ  Mt 25:34,36,40
    Pray for those afflicted with  Ac 28:8; Jas 5:14,15
    God's aid should be sought in  2Ch 16:12
    The wicked
      Have much sorrow, with.  Ec 5:17
      Forsake those in.  1Sa 30:13
      Visit not those in.  Mt 25:43
    Not visiting those in, an evidence of not belonging to Christ  Mt 25:43,45
    Illustrative of sin  Le 13:45,46; Isa 1:5; Jer 8:22; Mt 9:12