Bible Verses About Stars The

Stars, The.
    Infinite in number  Ge 15:5; Jer 33:2
      Created.  Ge 1:16; Ps 8:3; 148:5
      Set, in the firmament of heaven.  Ge 1:17
      Appointed to give light by night.  Ge 1:16,14; Ps 136:9; Jer 31:35
      Numbers and names.  Ps 147:4
      Established, for ever.  Ps 148:3,6; Jer 31:36
      Obscures.  Job 9:7
    Revolve in fixed orbits  Jdj 5:20
    Shine in the firmament of heaven  Da 12:3
    Appear of different magnitudes  1Co 15:41
    Appear after sunset  Ne 4:21; Job 3:9
      The host of heaven.  De 17:3; Jer 33:22
      Stars of light.  Ps 148:3
      Stars of heaven.  Isa 13:10
    When grouped together called constellations  2Ki 23:5; Isa 13:10
    Exhibit the greatness of God's power  Ps 8:3; Isa 40:26
    Made to praise God  Ps 148:3
    Impure in the sight of God  Job 25:5
    Mentioned in scripture One of extraordinary brightness appeared at Christ's birth  Mt 2:2,9
    Idolaters worshipped  Jer 8:2; 19:13
    The Israelites forbidden to worship  De 4:19; 17:2-4
    Punishment for worshipping  De 17:5-7
    False gods frequently worshipped under the representation of  Am 5:26; Ac 7:43
    Astrology and star-gazing practised by the Babylonians  Isa 47:13
    Use of, in navigation, alluded to  Ac 27:20
      Of Christ.  Nu 24:17
      Of angels.  Job 38:7
      Of ministers.  Re 1:16,20; 2:1
      Of princes and subordinate governors.  Da 8:10; Re 8:12
      (Bright and morning star,) of Christ.  Re 22:16
      (Morning star,) of glory to be given to faithful saints.  Re 2:28
      (Shining of,) of the reward of faithful ministers.  Da 12:3
      (Withdrawing their light,) of severe judgments.  Isa 13:10; Eze 32:7; Joe 2:10; 3:15
      (Setting the nest amongst,) of pride and carnal security.  Ob 1:4
      (Wandering,) of false teachers.  Jude 1:13