Bible Verses About Sun The

Sun, The.
    Called the greater light  Ge 1:16
      Created.  Ge 1:14,16; Ps 74:16
      Placed in the firmament.  Ge 1:17
      Appointed to rule the day.  Ge 1:16; Ps 136:8; Jer 31:35
      Appointed to divide seasons.  Ge 1:14
      Exercises sovereign power over.  Job 9:7
      Causes, to rise both on evil and good.  Mt 5:45
      Causes to know its time of setting.  Ps 104:19
    Made to praise and glorify God  Ps 148:3
    The power and brilliancy of its rising alluded to  Jdj 5:31; 2Sa 23:4
    Clearness of its light alluded to  Song 6:10
    Compared to a bridegroom coming forth from his chamber  Ps 19:5
    Compared to a strong man rejoicing to run a race  Ps 19:5
    Diffuses light and heat to all the earth  Ps 19:6
    The rays of
      Pleasant to man.  Job 30:28; Ec 11:7
      Produce and ripen fruits.  De 33:14
      Soften and melt some substances.  Ex 16:21
      Wither and burn up the herbs of the field.  Mr 4:6; Jas 1:11
      Change the colour of the skin.  Song 1:6
      Frequently destructive to human life.  2Ki 4:18-20; Ps 121:6; Isa 49:10
    Indicates the hours of the day by the shadow on the dial  2Ki 20:9
    The Jews
      Commenced their day with the rising of.  Ge 19:23,24,27,28; Jdj 9:33
      Commenced their evening with the setting of.  Ge 28:11; De 24:13; Mr 1:32
      Expressed the east by rising of.  Nu 21:11; De 4:41,47; Jos 12:1
      Expressed the west by setting of.  Jas 1:4
      Expressed the whole earth by, from rising of, to setting of.  Ps 50:1; 113:3; Isa 45:6
      Forbidden to worship.  De 4:19; 17:3
      Made images of.  2Ch 14:5; 34:4
      Consecrated chariots and horses, as symbols of.  2Ki 23:11
      Worshipped.  2Ki 23:5; Jer 8:2
    Worshippers of, turned their faces towards the east  Eze 8:16
    Miracles connected with
      Standing still for a whole day in the valley of Ajalon.  Jos 10:12,13
      Shadow put back on the dial.  2Ki 20:11
      Darkened at the crucifixion.  Lu 23:44,45
      Of God's favour.  Ps 84:11
      Of Christ's coming.  Mal 4:2
      Of the glory of Christ.  Mt 17:2; Re 1:16; 10:1
      Of supreme rulers.  Ge 37:9; Isa 13:10
      (Its clearness,) of the purity of the church.  Song 6:10
      (Its brightness,) of the future glory of saints.  Da 12:3; Mt 13:43
      (Its power,) of the triumph of saints.  Jdj 5:31
      (Darkened,) of severe calamities.  Eze 32:7; Joe 2:10,31; Mt 24:29; Re 9:2
      (Going down at noon,) of premature destruction.  Jer 15:9; Am 8:9
      (No more going down,) of perpetual blessedness.  Isa 60:20
      (Before or in sight of,) of public ignominy.  2Sa 12:11,12; Jer 8:2