Bible Verses About Temptation

    God cannot be the subject of  Jas 1:13
    Does not come from God  Jas 1:13
    Comes from
      Lusts.  Jas 1:14
      Covetousness.  Pr 28:20; 1Ti 6:9,10
    The devil is the author of  1Ch 21:1; Mt 4:1; Joh 13:2; 1Th 3:5
    Evil associates, the instruments of  Pr 1:10; 7:6; 16:29
    Often arises through
      Poverty.  Pr 30:9; Mt 4:2,3
      Prosperity.  Pr 30:9; Mt 4:8
      Worldly glory.  Nu 22:17; Da 4:30; 5:2; Mt 4:8
    To distrust of God's providence  Mt 4:3
    To presumption  Mt 4:6
    To worshipping the god of this world  Mt 4:9
    Often strengthened by the perversion of God's word  Mt 4:6
    Permitted as a trial of Always conformable to the nature of man  1Co 10:13
    Often ends in sin and perdition  1Ti 6:9; Jas 1:15
      Endured, from the devil.  Mr 1:13
      Endured, from the wicked.  Mt 16:1; 22:18; Lu 10:25
      Resisted by the word of God.  Mt 4:4,7,10
      Overcame.  Mt 4:11
      Sympathises with those under.  Heb 4:15
      Is able to help those under.  Heb 2:18
      Intercedes for his people under.  Lu 22:31,32; Joh 17:15
    God will not suffer saints to be exposed to, beyond their powers to bear  1Co 10:13
    God will make a way for saints to escape out of  1Co 10:13
    God enables the saints to bear  1Co 10:13
    God knows how to deliver saints out of  2Pe 2:9
    Christ keeps faithful saints from the hour of  Re 3:10
    Saints may be in heaviness through  1Pe 1:6
    Saints should
      Resist, in faith.  Eph 6:16; 1Pe 5:9
      Watch against.  Mt 26:41; 1Pe 5:8
      Pray to be kept from.  Mt 6:13; 26:41
      Not to occasion, to others.  Ro 14:13
      Restore those overcome by.  Ga 6:1
      Avoid the way of.  Pr 4:14,15
    The devil will renew  Lu 4:13
    Has strength through the weakness of the flesh  Mt 26:41
    Mere professors fall away in time of  Lu 8:13
    Blessedness of those who meet and overcome  Jas 1:2-4,12
      Eve.  Ge 3:1,4,5
      Joseph.  Ge 39:7
      Balaam.  Nu 22:17
      Achan.  Jos 7:21
      David.  2Sa 11:2
      Jeroboam.  1Ki 15:30
      Peter.  Mr 14:67-71
      Paul.  2Co 12:7; Ga 4:14