Bible Verses About Whirlwind

    Generally came from the south  Job 37:9; Isa 21:1; Zec 9:14
    Sometimes came from the north  Eze 1:4
    Called the whirlwind of God  Jer 23:19; 30:23
    Arose up from the earth  Jer 25:32
    Miracles connected with
      Elijah taken to heaven in.  2Ki 2:1,11
      God spoke to Job from.  Job 38:1; 40:6
    Frequently continued for a long time  Jer 30:23
    Destructive nature of  Pr 1:27
    Illustrative of the
      Speed with which God executes his purposes.  Na 1:3
      Velocity of Christ's second coming.  Isa 66:15
      Velocity of the chariots in hostile armies.  Isa 5:28; Jer 4:13
      Fury of God's judgments.  Jer 25:32; 30:23
      Sudden destruction of the wicked.  Ps 58:9; Pr 1:27; Isa 17:13; 40:24; 41:16; Jer 30:23
      Unavoidable fruit of a life of sin and vanity.  Ho 8:7