Bible Verses About Widows

    Character of true  Lu 2:37; 1Ti 5:5,10
      Surely hears the cry of.  Ex 22:23
      Judges for.  De 10:18; Ps 68:5
      Relieves.  Ps 146:9
      Establishes the border of.  Pr 15:25
      Will witness against oppressors of.  Mal 3:5
    Exhorted to trust in God  Jer 49:11
    Should not be
      Afflicted.  Ex 22:22
      Oppressed.  Jer 7:6; Zec 7:10
      Treated with violence.  Jer 22:3
      Deprived of raiment in pledge.  De 24:17
    Should be
      Pleaded for.  Isa 1:17
      Honoured, if widows indeed.  1Ti 5:3
      Relieved by their friends.  1Ti 5:4,16
      Relieved by the Church.  Ac 6:1; 1Ti 5:9
      Visited in affliction.  Jas 1:27
      Allowed to share in our blessings.  De 14:29; 16:11,14; 24:19-21
    Though poor, may be liberal  Mr 12:42,43
    When young, exposed to may temptations  1Ti 5:11-14
    Saints The wicked Curse for perverting judgment of  De 27:19
    Woe to those who oppress  Isa 10:1,2
    Blessings on those who relieve  De 14:29
    A type of Zion in affliction  La 5:3
    Were released from all obligation to former husbands  Ro 7:3
    Were clothed in mourning after the decease of husbands  Ge 38:14,19; 2Sa 14:2,5
    Reproach connected with  Isa 54:4
    Increase of, threatened as a punishment  Ex 22:24; Jer 15:8; 18:21
    Laws respecting
      Not to be oppressed.  Ex 22:22; De 27:19
      Raiment of, not to be taken in pledge by creditors.  De 24:17
      Bound to perform their vows.  Nu 30:9
      Not to intermarry with priests.  Le 21:14
      To be allowed to glean in fields and vineyards.  De 24:19
      To have a share of the triennial tithe.  De 14:28,29; 26:12,13
      To share in public rejoicings.  De 16:11,14
      When daughters of priests and childless to partake of the holy things.  Le 22:13
      When left childless, to be married by their husband's nearest of kin.  De 25:5,6; Ru 3:10-13; 4:4,5; Mt 22:24-26
    Allowed to marry again  Ro 7:3
    Intermarrying with, of kings considered treason  1Ki 2:21-24
    Not to be deplored by, considered a great calamity  Job 27:15; Ps 78:64
    Were under the special protection of God  De 10:18; Ps 68:5
    Were frequently oppressed and persecuted  Job 24:3; Eze 22:7
    Specially taken care of by the Church  Ac 6:1; 1Ti 5:9
    Often devoted themselves entirely to God's service  Lu 2:37; 1Ti 5:10
    Instances of great liberality in  1Ki 17:9-15; Mr 12:42,43
    Illustrative of
      A desolate condition.  Isa 47:8,9
      Zion in captivity.  La 1:1