#4 Moses and Zipporah

Couple: Moses and Zipporah Moses and Zipporah

Principle Problem: Compromise of principles.  In the land of Midian, Moses finds a wife. God graciously grants them two sons (Exodus 4:20) while there. He is called by God to return to Egypt. He departs with his wife and sons; he stops by the way in an inn where the strangest conceivable event takes place. We are informed that the Lord met him and sought to kill him. Follow closely what ensues. Zipporah took a sharp stone and cut off the foreskin of her son, not her sons. In frustration she casts it at Moses’ feet with the epithet, “A bloody husband art thou to me.”

Result: What does all this mean? If circumcision was so important to God, why was only one son involved? It appears that Moses and Zipporah reached a family crisis with the birth of two sons. Moses, the Hebrew, doubtless argued for circumcision. To Zipporah, this was abhorrent. How was the problem resolved? By compromise. Obviously one son was circumcised to please Moses, and one was left uncircumcised to please Zipporah. Everyone was happy but God. In reality no one was happy. Her accusation to Moses proves that she was angry at the compromise and at being forced to be the circumcisor of her son.