Training for Reigning - 36 - What do you want from life?

Sometimes, also, what other people are able to have, or to accomplish, will influence our ideas and desires greatly. ‘vVho can deny that thinking about such unfavourable contrasts often affect us very deeply, making us either to struggle harder to acquire more, or else to become discontended, discouraged, to complain, or to be jealous? Yet when we reflect that none of us have as little as had the Lord Jesus when He was on earth, we feel ashamed, rebuked. And remembering the unexampled grace, beauty and power of the life of Him Who became poor for our sakes (2 Cor. 8:9), Who fed multitudes but refused to turn stones into bread to satisfy His own hunger, we feel reproved and long to know the secret of His strength.
Yet we need not seek very far.
One outstanding factor in His unique outlook on what mattered in life was the fact that He was the Truth. The truth about everything was an open book to Him. So it is with joy that we remember, respecting our own outlook, that we, Mary- like, can sit at His feet and learn of Him. Several features of His altogether-different way of looking at things are easily within our grasp.
1. He related every situation He faced to the will of God. If, as a lad, He must be subject to such lowly persons as Joseph and Mary-and live in a place like Nazareth! He regarded such necessities as being His Father’s will. Thus He was able to rejoice in the limitations such an existence imposed upon Him, because they permitted Him to practise Submission and Obedience . . . and ultimately to win the unprecedented approval described in Matt. 3:17. See also: Heb. 5:8-10.
If sent into a barren wilderness to go foodless, friendless and faint for forty days, He does not fluster from fright and fears. He is The Truth. He knows the truth about everything. He knows that God does all things well; that distresses cannot become disasters to those who leave all the choices to God; that there will be a happy ending-if He passes the test-THAT THEY WILL MAKE POSSIBLE A MOST IMPORTANT END RESULT.
Well, did it work? Luke 4:14-15 tells the immediate result, but "the half hath not been told." And the principle will work for you and me, too-if we will dare to rely on God. Notice 2 Cor. 12:7-10 ourselves.
2. He Who is the Truth, Who knows all things, knows too, that a person’s life never is enriched by the abundance of things he, or she, may possess; Luke 12:15. To some this truth will seem a statement contrary to experience; yet it is all too true. Let me remind any who may be tempted to descant on the "pie in the sky" theme, that we may be certain that when the All-rich God chose for the Son of Man the pathway of poverty He saw advantages in such a way of life that would out-weigh by far any that might arise from a comfortable existence ("selah"). True the Lord does not always call His children to a life of hardship. But to any of us who may be so placed, let us remember that poverty is designed of Him TO BE AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET TO KNOW OUR GOD IN WAYS THE WELL-TO-DO CANNOT EXPERIENCE. Notice Deut. 8:2-4, and the last clause of vs. 16.
is the basic thought behind His parabolic word, "Occupy till I come"; Luke 19:13. Few young people . . . and a host of us older people . . . have not yet learned this important lesson. Even the great man Moses found it dreadfully hard to believe that HE DID NOT NEED SOMETHING MORE in order to be fitted to deal with the Hebrews in Egypt, and with Pharaoh. Ex. 4:1-18 tells the story of his "sense of inadequacy" (as the psycho’s phrase it) and of the Lord’s refusal to give him anything more than he already possessed.
"What is that in thine hand?" He asked.
It was a rod-only a piece of wood. BUT GOD INTENDED TO MAKE USE OF THAT WHICH HE HAD. . . and to provide him with nothing more! . . . And how God did use that rod throughout the rest of Moses’ life!
And so it was, also, in the life of the Man, Christ Jesus. He would feed 5,000, or 4,000; but there would be no scurrying around to find sufficient food for the multitudes. Instead, He would ask God to bless WHAT THEY HAD (what He had placed in their hands) and to make it enough . . . And He did, glorifying His Name by making much out of little.
But I must close this chapter. Tell me before you lay it down. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE? Do you long for material things that will make you and your life seem worthwhile to other people? Or do you want most of all, the Lord Himself, in order "that in all things He might have the pre-eminence"? Don’t forget: YOU. .. CAN’T. . . SEEK. . . BOTH! Luke 16:13.