Can people in heaven see us? What do people in heaven do?

What does the Bible teach about the present condition awareness, and occupation of believers who have died?

Although the Bible does not take up this subject in detail, we can draw a number of conclusions:

   1. Believers in heaven are very happy (Revelation 14:13).
   2. They are with Christ, beholding the One who loved them and gave Himself for them; they are far better off in such a wonderful place (Philippians 1:21, 23). They no longer have the flesh and the trial of suffering that so troubled them on earth (Romans 7:24, 25a).
   3. They rest from their labors until the Rapture when they receive glorified bodies in which they will commence their eternal service for God (Revelation 14:13; 22:3, 4).
   4. They recognize others and converse with one another (Luke 13:28; Matthew 17:4; Luke 16:24).

A. Joyce