How can I raise an honest child?

What can a parent do to cultivate honesty in a child?

The first Principle in the development of any moral virtue is the example of the parent. Manoah's wife must be a Nazarite if she is to have a Nazarite son (Judges 13). Be honest in all your dealings, even with your children.

Praising good role models, especially within the assembly, is vital. Hold up their virtues, especially if it has cost them. Take every opportunity to teach from the Word of God the value of honesty and morals. "Sharpen by repetition" is the expression of Deuteronomy 6:6-9. Do not sermonize. The Word of God is to control the home, mold our behavior, and be the theme of our family discussions.

Look for opportunities. Use current events to help children appreciate the long range effects of sin and the effects of any behavior being universalized. When evil seems to triumph, have the child consider what would happen if everyone behaved in this manner. Prayer, patience and discipline are vital. Praise honesty but don't "reward" it with material gifts.

A. Higgins