Is gospel preaching too opinionated, narrow or manipulative?

Since telling people what they must do is regarded as "manipulative," how can we preach "we must be saved?"

Part of the responsibility we have when preaching the Gospel is to communicate to audiences a Biblical concept of God -His holiness, mercy, grace, love and power. Germane to this is the truth of His authority - His absolute right as Creator to judge any disobedience to His laws. He not only "commends His love" (Romans 5:8) but "commands repentance" (Acts 17:30, 31). All He says is true and it is proper for us not only to "beseech" and "persuade" but to "warn." Expressions like, "I believe" or "We have always believed," when used in this connection, are pointless self-references that carry little weight. "Thus saith the Lord" and "It is written" are the language of the evangelist, conveying to an audience that the authority behind these statements is God and His Word.

E. Higgins