How does the Holy Spirit lead a meeting of the church?

What does the Bible teach about being "led by the Spirit" in an assembly gathering?

Spirit's guiding the disciples into all truth (i.e. The Word of God). In Romans 8:14, "As many as are led by the Spirit of God," relates to what is characteristic of all true believers. Being led by the Spirit instead of the flesh relates to the character of our lives, not a specific activity.

In Galatians 5:18, "If ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law" corresponds to the earlier statement "walk in the Spirit." it involves dependence on the Spirit, rather than the law, for fruitfulness in a believer's life.

Thus the three occasions relate to the believer's entire life and not to a specific gathering of the saints. To the degree to which these are predominant in a believer's life, he will be intelligent as to the Spirit's purpose when the saints are gathered together and will be able to contribute to the glory of God.

A Higgins