Is Israel ever going to be removed from it's land again?

Does the Bible teach that Israel will never again be removed from its land?

The promises to Abraham concerning the Land make it clear that it will be Israel's forever. The Scriptures show that this promise will be made good when Christ returns in glory and the Spirit is poured out on the nation (Luke 21:24; Matthew 24:31; Isaiah 32:15-20; Jeremiah 30:4-11; 31:31-37; 39:25-29; Micah 4:4-7; Joel 3:20; Zechariah 8:3-8). The Land's being theirs eternally does not necessitate its being theirs permanently now. They have returned in unbelief. The recovery mentioned in Deuteronomy 30:1-6 is dependent upon confession and restoration. The recovery of Isaiah 11:11 is simultaneous with "that day," mentioned earlier in the chapter. Neither condition has been fulfilled in the current "regathering" of Israel to the land, therefore this may not be the prophesied regathering. A principle of prophecy is that God gives foretastes of a fulfillment before the actual fulfillment.

Israel must be in the land to fulfill the terms of Daniel's 70th week, but we have no Scriptural authority relating this to those currently there. Believers should not be shaken if Israel were driven into the sea, as the Arab nations have long threatened.

A. Higgins