How can I maintain a pure life while trying to reach out to people who are not saved

How can I be scripturally "safe" as I contact neighbors socially with the gospel?

Avoid both condemnation and compromise. When, for conscience sake, we decline some activities with a "No thank you, I'm a Christian," we unnecessarily condemn others by implying we are better than they. "No, thank you," is quite sufficient! Joining in any activity or function where our Lord would be unwelcome or would not go compromises God's truth. This renders any witnessing ineffective (Matthew 5:16).

Be friendly and kind; show interest in them; build a relationship with them. Shopping, helping with a project in the yard, or inviting them to a family picnic does not compromise Christian principles. One-on-one contacts, rather than neighborhood group activities, provide a better opportunity to speak of spiritual things.

Right from the start, as you seek to build a relationship, show how much you appreciate your salvation, thus making salvation as attractive as it is (1 Peter 2:9). Draw them to Christ. This will also preserve you from situations that could damage your testimony.

When discussing salvation, don't attempt to tell all at once. One point clearly made now and further points later are more effective. Promote two way conversations.

Stress that the Bible is God's Word. Show them verses as you discuss them. Eventually emphasize that sin bars them from heaven and results in eternal judgment. A primary objective is to help them recognize they are lost. Then they will appreciate the Savior's substitutionary death for their sin.

J. Slabaugh