How can I begin a conversation about salvation?

What are some effective ways to begin a conversation about spiritual things?

In dealing with a soul, five basic things are required: the power of God; the guidance of the Spirit; a knowledge of the Scriptures; prayer; and common sense. Consider his surroundings, circumstances, nationality (if possible), and vocation. Be relaxed (the Lord sat, John 4); be pleasant; be passive; show an interest in things that interest him. Follow Paul's advice (1 Corinthians 9: 19-22) by becoming all things to all men. Never elevate yourself, but elevate him and win his confidence by asking secular questions he can answer, expressing gratitude to him for enlightening you, and recognizing his attainments. Never argue. As you do this, pray to God, as Nehemiah (2:4) did, for an opening to sow the Seed. To a fireman, talk fire. Praise his bravery, then bring before him the fire that never shall be quenched (Mark 9:43). To a coal miner, talk about digging and that you were afraid to work in a mine, then tell of a man in the Bible who dug (Luke 6:48). Wearing a suit among business people will gain respect and a ready ear. In a mining village or on a farm, leave your tie at home, lest you appear "important." Have a suitable tract ready.

R. Surgenor