Why does Peter use the word "heavens" instead of "heaven" in 2 Peter?

Why did Peter (2 Peter 3:13) refer to "heavens" while John (Revelation 21:1) spoke of "heaven"?

"Heavens" is found only 19 times in the New Testament, but "heaven" is found over 250 times. The singular and plural are used interchangeably. Both are used for the aerial heavens, the heaven of stars and even for the dwelling place of God (Acts 7:56, Ephesians 4:10). However, the four times that Peter uses "heavens" in his second epistle, the context shows that he is speaking of the created heavens which will pass away in the Day of the Lord. The fifth time he uses "heavens" is a reference to the New Heavens of the Eternal Day where righteousness will dwell.

John only uses "heavens" once in the Revelation. In the 56 tines that he uses "heaven," 45 times are a reference to the created heavens, sometimes it is used just to contrast that which is above from that which is beneath, or earthly, but 11 times it refers to God's own dwelling place, The Lord Jesus called "the Heaven of Heavens" (1 Kings 8:27) "My Father's house" (1ohn 14:2). Paul calls it Paradise and "the third heaven" (2 Corinthians 12:2-3). To us, its most precious name is "Home" (2 Corinthians 5:8, JND).

N. Crawford