How do we unify the Church?

Are we responsible to unify the Body of Christ?

No. The Body has an indissoluble unity. The New Testament deals with unity in only two ways: the unity of the Body, which is positional and perfect; the unity of believers seen in the assembly, which is practical and imperfect. The ecumenical movement pleads for a "unity" that ignores truth. Taking John 17:21 as Christs present desire that His own should be one (John 17:21), the ecumenical voices call for all "Christians" to come together. In this way, we are to ignore error, accept the legitimacy and existence of the names that divide "Christians," and validate that being a "Christian" in name is the same as being born again. For evangelicals to call for the same result, based on the same scripture, is equally unsound, although they recognize the need for being born again. Obedience to Christ unites believers scripturally. Interdenominationalism may seem broad-minded, but it is actually self-defeating by giving legitimacy to (and thus perpetuating) denominational names that publicly divide Christians.

D. Oliver