Why did Aaron wear a mitre?

What is the typical significance of Aarons mitre and the bonnets of his sons (Leviticus 8:9, 13)?

Although the Lord is a priest after the order of Melchisedec (Heb. 5:6), Aarons priesthood was typical of Christs (2:17). The mitre on Israels priest was of linen, the same material as his breeches and coat (Exodus 39:27). Although some have suggested that Aarons mitre portrays subjection, it may be better to see in it a complete righteousness in our representative as he appears before the presence of God for us (Hebrews 9:24). His head, controlling His body, also speaks of wisdom. The One in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom (Colossians 2:3) exercises that wisdom on our behalf, consistent with perfect righteous. The "beauty of holiness" is seen from head to foot in the priest.

The bonnets of Aarons son are of the same material as Aarons mitre, but are distinguishable. Because his sons are related to him, they have this same righteousness "garment" as they move in Gods holy place. Perhaps this suggests that, although there is a difference between us and our representative, yet we have a link with him and therefore enjoy complete acceptance in Gods presence. Appearing for us in Gods presence is what Christ is essentially, but the complete favor that rests on us is conferred on us because of him.

D. Oliver