How can I help my child choose a career?

How can parents advise children regarding their choice of a career?

Parents are responsible to provide guidance for their children (Proverbs 22:6), while allowing for the child’s individuality and responsibility in making choices. Since a child is a stewardship entrusted by the Lord (Psalm 127:3), a parent seeks the Lord’s, rather than his own, will for that child’s life. A child’s suitable development outweighs a parent’s wish to continue the family business. Positive incentives may help, but self-serving demands or pressure to fulfill a parent’s frustrated dreams don’t.

Modeling and discussing (Deuteronomy 6:7) the value of responsibility, serving others, and honesty are part of "child training." Countering society’s idolizing of money, self-serving superstars and glamor queens, and amoral heros is important and most effectively achieved by directing attention to historical, global, and local individuals who model Christian ethics.

Parenting is a growing relationship of communication, mutual respect, and love. Such a relationship will guide a child proactively, rather than reactively. In a child’s early years, his unique and useful capabilities should be recognized and encouraged. Without pressuring a child to make decisions beyond his maturity or unnecessary for his age, parents can encourage discussions of these matters. Parents don’t need to squelch a child’s imagination, creativity, personality, or capabilities while helping him to be realistic in his goals.

D. Oliver