Can a sister shepherd or teach a brother?

Can a sister shepherd or teach a brother?

Guidance for this answer comes from Acts 18:26. Priscilla’s care for Apollo was not in the context of assembly meetings. Several translators indicate that the expression, "they took him unto them," suggests receiving him to their home. In addition, Priscilla acted in concert with her husband. She didn’t assign Aquila the job of getting Apollos to their home. They moved together and worked together for his spiritual benefit.

It seems abundantly clear that as Apollos learned "the way of God more perfectly," Priscilla didn’t sit demurely in the corner while Apollos and Aquila engaged in "men talk."

Our society’s laxness underlines the need for all female and male interactions to be "with all purity" (1 Timothy 5:2).

Keeping these things in mind, a sister can be used by Lord in trying to help a brother spiritually.

D. Oliver