Should a woman not teach a Sunday school class?

Does 1 Timothy 2:11, 12 mean that a woman should not teach Sunday School classes?

Some beloved saints have come to this conclusion. Respecting their wish to uphold the Scriptures isn’t the same as agreeing with them, however.

Women are instructed to teach in non-assembly settings (Titus 2:3), so to require women to remain silent and to refrain from teaching necessitates conducting the Sunday School as an assembly meeting. If that is the case, children cannot say their verses, suggest choruses to sing, nor answer questions. No one should be surprised if the children lack interest in listening or coming to such a "Sunday School." If the children are saying their verses, "giving out choruses," and answering questions, then this is no different than when a husband and wife gather the neighborhood children on their back porch, in a rented building, or an available school room. Using the assembly’s building is merely a convenience for the Sunday School and doesn’t impart "church status" to the gathering.

D. Oliver