Does the devil still have the power of death?

Does the devil still have this power of death?

This page was adapted from an answer at Truth and Tidings Magazine by David Oliver.

To this date the devil still has the power of death. That is, death still extends its reach to all creatures - animal and human.  The verse in Hebrews 2 does not say that Christ destroyed the power of death or took it away from the devil. Christ destroyed the devil himself or, more perhaps better said, Christ rendered him ineffective (Arndt & Gingrich). Satan is still the ruler of this world; the curse of sin and death still affects us all. He is still active and mighty. He will have another, unrestrained opportunity to bring disaster on the earth (Revelation 12:12). However, the Lord Jesus died and effectively rendered Satan powerless, the devil will not and cannot undo God’s plan. In creation, God had a greater plan that simply creating a peaceful place to live for Adam and Eve.  In Eden, the devil had more in mind than ruining creation or making it his dominion.

D. Oliver