Is it part of your doctrine that Gospel Hall members do not attend other Christian churches?


I have a niece who is attending a Gospel Hall and she has been told she can not attend any other Christian church.  She is going away to college and there is no Gospel Hall near her college but there is another Christian church nearby. Now she does not want to attend college as there is no Gospel Hall near her college.

Is it part of your doctrine that Gospel Hall members do not attend other Christian churches?

Thank you for your time;



Thanks for writing.  Your concerns may you lead to investigate a number of issues about the nature of the Church from the scriptures.

The fellowship of a believer with others is based on commonly-held doctrines.  An assembly at a gospel hall usually is a conservative group that holds to the teaching of the inspiration of scripture, the virgin birth, salvation through faith in Christ apart from works, the regular practice of the breaking of bread, the desire to live a pure life.

Some doctrines that your niece may wish to uphold that are not universally accepted in churches:

- tongues and other gifts of the spirit given to the apostles ceased with the completion of the New Testament.
- a group of elders in the assembly lead in guiding the flock of believers instead of a single pastor.
- women show the submission of the church to the Lord by covering their heads with a hat or veil during the meetings.  Women to not participate in teaching or leading the group in prayer (1 Timothy 2:)
- a church/assembly takes the name of no denomination.  The name Gospel Hall applies to the building, but not an organization or group of people (Matthew 18:20)
- the fellowship of the church consists of believers who can identify a time when they received Christ, later were baptized and hold to the doctrines mentioned above.  Those who are not saved or do not hold to such doctrines are received as visitors, but do not form part of the fellowship (Acts 2:42-43; 1 Corinthians 14:16, 23, 24).

There is no official list of doctrines or creeds among the assemblies.  The scriptures are their guide.  One assembly's decisions and views may differ from another.

Your niece probably feels uncomfortable joining a church that may not follow some of these practices.

Shad Sluiter
Postville, Iowa