Where was our Lord Jesus Christ between His death and resurrection?

Where was our Lord Jesus Christ between His death and resurrection?

His body, as all four Gospels agree, was in Joseph’s new tomb; His soul, according to Acts 2: 27, 31 (with Psalm 16:10), was in Hell (Greek = Hades; Hebrew = Sheol), a place or rather state, the significance of which in the Scriptures is much wider than in our present-day usage of that word.

The Revisers of the KJV, in their preface to the Old Testament, say that it means “the place of departed spirits,” and they warn the reader that although, in such passages as Genesis 37:35, they have left in the text the A.V. “grave,” yet it does not signify “the place of burial.”

Jacob (Genesis 37:35; Genesis 42:38) expected to go there at death; Job (Job 14:13-15) requested that God would hide him there until the time of resurrection would come; whilst in other passages (such as Psalm 9:17; Job 24:19, etc.) it is looked on as the portion of the wicked dead. We must therefore conceive of Hell as comprising two distinct regions or conditions, separated according to Luke 16:26 by an impassable gulf, the one containing the souls of the righteous, and the other the souls of the unrighteous. Probably it is the latter which is spoken of as “the lowest hell” in Deuteronomy 32:22 and Psa. 86:13; and doubtless it is the former which is called “Paradise” by our Lord in Luke 23. 43, when He said to the repentant and believing thief, “To-day, thou shalt be with Me in Paradise.” Luke 23:
This last statement, taken with Acts 2:27,31  shows that the Scriptural reply to our question, so far as the soul of the Lord Jesus is concerned, is that between death and resurrection He was in the region of Hell called Paradise, in which were also the souls of all saints who had died previously.