Alison McCandless ~ St. Thomas, Ontario

The most important day of my life was December 29, 1999. I was 14 years old and very scared about the year 2000. I thought the Lord was going to come. Sunday December 26, 1999, a preacher came to the Gospel Hall in St. Thomas, Ontario and preached on “It is finished.” I thought about this, but was not too concerned. Later that night at a hymn sing, he wrote me a note saying that if I wanted to talk about salvation, then I was to give him a call.


For the next two days, I struggled over the note. I knew I wanted to be saved and this might be my last opportunity. I was just too fearful to call or too proud to talk. Then, he called and asked if I would like to talk. I jumped at the chance. That Wednesday, he came to our house.


We sat down and talked for some time. He asked me what I needed to do to be saved.


“Accept the Lord Jesus Christ,” I said. Knowing that I was still looking inside myself, he read me a verse that showed me that was not the case. Then he asked me again.


I said, “Believe in Him.” He then showed me that believing is not what saves a person. Finally, he asked the question a third time. “What do you need to do to be saved?”


Suddenly, I realized that I did not need to do anything. The Lord Jesus had already finished the work of suffering on the cross. But, I still felt like there was something I did not know and something I needed to do.


The preacher then explained to me, “It is like this, you are here and the Lord Jesus is there. There is a big gap between you and Christ, but Jesus died and made the bridge so you can come to Christ. Now, the Lord Jesus is saying, ‘Come unto me!’” I was still confused and proud.


He then asked, “If you were to die today where would you be?”


I said, “I don’t know.” I knew Christ died for me and He was saying COME, but I was still confused and making it harder than it really was.


Finally, we read 1 Peter 3:18. I fit myself right into the verse. I am the UNJUST and Christ the JUST and He died ONCE for me. The preacher then told me that for God to be satisfied there had to be a life given, blood shed, and a ransom paid.


He asked me if God is satisfied. When I said He was, the preacher followed immediately by asking me, “Are you?”


Suddenly, I thought, if God is satisfied then that is enough for me. I accepted that what He did for me was enough. It was so wonderful to know I was going to Heaven. There were no more worries that the Lord was going to come and I was not ready.


Are you ready today? Have you accepted the gift that Jesus is offering you? Remember, “It is finished!”