Dr. Scott Yaekle ~ Detroit, Michigan

            I am the oldest of five children in a very close family. My parents taught us right from wrong and raised us with discipline and love. I did well in school and by eighth grade, I was operating a small lawn-mowing service as well. Everything seemed great on the outside, but something began to bother me inside. Although no one ever told me, I knew I had sinned against God.

            I went to church occasionally and said my prayers almost every night. However, I knew that some day I would face the consequences of my sins. I was afraid

            I consciously tried to push these thoughts from my mind. I couldn’t. For two years, I said to myself over and over again, “God in heaven is the absolute greatest...God in Heaven is the absolute greatest..” However, nothing helped -- even Christmas. I remember praying to God, “This is supposed to be a special time about your Son, and I don’t even understand what it’s about. Show me what’s wrong with my life.”

            Soon, I started driving to classes at the University of Michigan with my friend Andy Vallance and his brothers. It didn’t take long to realize they were different. They had a peace that I didn’t have.

            One day, I told Andy’s brother Dave that I wanted to learn about the Bible. He then asked what God required before He could let me into Heaven. I mumbled something about being a good person.

            Dave then told me the Bible teaches no one can earn forgiveness from God by his own efforts. A week later, I read Romans 3 and John 3. I knew then that Dave had told me the truth.

             On February 19, 1985 Dave and I read a booklet that explained that the Bible says that the Bible says our sins will separate us from God forever and we can’t remove them. This confirmed what I had feared for four years. The booklet also said Christ died for our sins on the cross. If I trusted Him, He would remove my burden of sin.

            That night, I tried to do homework, but couldn’t. Finally, around 2:00a.m., I opened my Bible and read, “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him” (John 3:36). I knew I had never trusted Christ for salvation. I closed the Bible and said to God, “I know I have done things wrong against you, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Please bring the Lord Jesus to me and put my sins away.”

            Then it struck me. “That’s it! All I need to do to is to trust the Lord Jesus. Immediately I thought of the words of Jesus on the cross, “It is finished!” For the first time, I knew Christ had died for me. I personally trusted Him. I went to bed shortly after 2:00 a.m., February 20, 1985, knowing from the Word of God that my guilt was gone. Christ had removed it forever! Before that date, I had no peace. Since then, I have enjoyed perfect peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1). Do you have this peace?