Albert Ramsay


It Must Be First!


Albert Ramsay lived in Prince Edward Island, Canada. At age 5, his mother died. Albert lived with his Grandmother. She taught him Bible Stories. He never forgot the story of the “Two Roads” in Matthew 7.

Albert learned to play the violin. Soon he was playing at dances and parties. It was fun, but he felt empty.

One night he told his sister, “Eva, if this is all there is to live for, I feel like taking my own life.”

When he was 18, he went to some “Revival Meetings.” He tried to “dedicate his life to Jesus” but it was a hopeless attempt.

Soon he was back living the same old sinful, life. Because his religious experience had been such a flop, he began to hate religion.

One day, a man tried to give him a gospel paper. “I’m not interested in religion.” Albert replied. I don’t have time to read.”

In November, Mr. Harris came to town to preach. Albert and his friends went to the meeting and then to the dance. While they partied, they joked about the preaching.

Six months later, Mr. Harris and Mr. Joyce set a tent up by the school.

Albert listened as they preached about salvation. One Thursday, Albert went to a dance instead of the meeting. He felt miserable. All he could think about was getting saved.

The next day, Albert was hauling logs to the mill. Mr. Harris stopped him and looked him straight in the eye. “Albert, we missed you last night.”

“Yes, I had to go away.”

“You had to go away, eh.” Albert’s eyes dropped as Mr. Harris continued. “Albert, do you want to go to hell?”

“No, Mr. Harris, I don’t want to go to hell.”

“Well Albert, that is where you are going. If you don’t make one mighty effort to get God’s salvation, you are going to be in hell as sure as you are sitting on that old farm wagon. Will you come to meeting tonight?”

Albert promised and he went. The message was on the “Two Roads." He thought back to his Grandmother. 

            Albert longed to be saved but he didn’t know how. He wished they would ask him to stand up or raise his hand. Instead, they said there was nothing to do. Everything was finished at the cross.

Mr. Harris closed the meeting. Albert thought, “The meeting is over and I’m not saved. I’ll just have to go to hell.”

Suddenly it came clear to him. “Oh! I don’t have to go to hell. That’s why Jesus died!”

Albert went after salvation and found it. You too must do the same. As the Bible says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33).