Louis Brant Biography, Iowa Evangelist - Closing Days


On August 11, 1979, the Linn Manor Care Center in Marion, Iowa, opened its doors for the care of the aged saints of the assemblies in the northeast Iowa area. After several hospitalizations, Louis realized he needed more care than his beloved wife of 69 years could give him, so the two of them became the 5th and 6th residents of the new care center on October 10, 1979. They spent their last days in the loving care of the staff there and on May 19, 1980, the Lord called home his beloved servant from a hospital room in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, just 34 days short of his 94th birthday. His beloved Amanda, to whom he had been married for 69 1/2 years, had been at his bedside until the final moments of his homecall.

His large funeral service was held in the high school gymnasium in Gamavillo. Oswald MacLeod read from Joshua 1:1-2, giving words of comfort and exhortation. Then Norman Crawford spoke from John 3:27-36, reminding those present that Louis was a man whose ear was ever open to God's Word, whose heart was full of God's Son and whose humble spirit reflected the moral beauties of Christ, and then preached the gospel from John 3:36. Louis was carried to his final resting place by six sons in the faith, Bruce Finn of Beetown, Wisconsin, Grant Hagen of Marion, Iowa, Leslie Palmer of Gamavillo, Iowa, Willard Peck of Manchester, Iowa, and Robert Smid and Norris Walvatne of West Union, Iowa. Then Henry Wahis spoke with deep feeling at the open grave, after which the saints of God sang:

"The glory shines before me
I know that all is well;
My Father's care is o'er me,
His praises I would tell;
The love of Christ constrains me,
His blood hath washed me white;
Where Jesus is in glory
"Tis Home, and love, and light."

Amanda went back to Garnavillo to live for the summer after the homecall of her dear husband. The next summer, after a few weeks in Garnavillo, she distributed her earthly belongings to her family, sold her home, and moved permanently to Linn Manor Care Center. On August 10, 1987, her second son, Robert, joined her beloved husband in glory.

Amanda on her 100th birthday at Linn Manor Care Center

Two years later on July 31, 1989, Amanda was surrounded by most of her family when she reached the century mark. Six weeks later, on September 14, 1989, she joined that happy throng above and the family again was together on September 18th to lay away her earthly remains to await the resurrection morning. Brethren Oswald MacLeod and Norman Crawford conducted her funeral service in the Gospel Hall in Garnavillo.
What a blessed hope is ours! Although the earthly journey of two endearing saints of God ends at an Iowa country cemetery outside Garnavillo, on the road to Sunny View Farm, we have the assurance that their souls are with the One who died for them and for Whom they lived long and fruitful lives. Hebrews 13:7 says "Remember them.... who have spoken unto you the word of God: WHOSE